【刘欣彦】本论文借助Youna Kim(2011)一篇〈Diasporic nationalism and the media: Asian women on the move〉的研究中对离散国族主义(diasporic nationalism)的讨论,将在台马来西亚留学生视为一个离散群体,进一步探讨该群体在台湾这个异国环境中求学时期的社群媒体使用。包含他们如何在脸书上分享母国(马来西亚)的景观或讯息,这个过程是如何形塑在台马来西亚留学生对母国(马来西亚)的认同以及离散国族主义的生成。

This report presents key findings from the monitoring of news media coverage of the 14th General Election in 2018 – from the dissolution of Parliament on 7 April 2018 until 12 May 2018, three days after the elections on 9 May 2018. It was conducted by the Centre for the Study of Communications and Culture under the School of Media, Languages and Cultures at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. The monitoring, with the help of 50 volunteers, covered a total of 24 outlets from the state and private media. The content was selected from the home/national pages/segments and coded to assess the coverage of 20 categories of information that are explained in detail later.

[Yap Pao Sium] This research uses the analytical framework from Italian social theorist Antonio Gramsci’s notion of civil society to understand the potential of new media in expanding the NCR land advocacy in Sarawak. Gramsci sees civil society as an arena of struggles between ruling and ruled classes to achieve hegemony, referring to cultural domination by shaping consent.

[CIJ] As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads and more public spaces begin closing their doors, the question of protecting our freedom of expression and speech arises. It is clear that we must continue civil discourses and defend our ability to share and access information. We must also carry on tracking and monitoring developments that threaten to limit our free speech or infringe on our rights to express ourselves, share information, challenge, think, create and explore ideas.

The newly minted government should strive to construct a new media environment which would bemore reasonable and healthier for all. A new media environment which improves the rights of communication is indeed long overdue. People should be allowed to collectively create, amend and change our shared culture in a society which embraces free flow of information. It is definitely a tough and challenging task to reform and rebuild the media environment in our country. Meanwhile, it also requires anactive participation and support from the public.