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2018年反假新闻法令 Anti-Fake News Act 2018

《2018年反假新闻法案》全文下载 / Full Text of Anti-Fake News Act 2018:

Anti-Fake News Act 2018 (English)

Akta AntiBerita Tidak Benar 2018 (BM)

Mapping Digital Media: Malaysia (2013)

[Jo-Ann Ding, Lay Chin Koh & Jacqueline Ann Surin] The Mapping Digital Media project examines the global opportunities and risks created by the transition from traditional to digital media. Covering 60 countries, the project examines how these changes affect the core democratic service that any media system should provide: news about political, economic, and social affairs.

Malaysia’s 13th General Election: Social Media and its Political Impact

[James Gomez] Back in GE 2008, the new media electoral landscape was comprised of blogs, party websites and alternative news portals and not really social media as we it know today. In 2008, BN was the clear social media outsider. In fact, BN literally had limited online presence and was said to have underestimated the impact of new media altogether on the electorate’s voting behavior. Fast forward to April 2013, the landscape is very different. BN had made strong inroads onto social media and has carved itself a competitive position. What then has been social media’s political impact on voter behaviour during Malaysia’s 13th general elections?

Ad Baculum, Islamic State and Malaysian Chinese Politics: A Rhetorical Study of Selected Political Advertisements in the Local Chinese Media during the 11th Malaysian General Election Campaign

【媒体与大选文献回顾/Kim-Hui Lim, Wai-Mun Har】This study analyzes the rhetorical strategy of using the emotion of fear as a political tool in the 11th Malaysia General Election campaign. The three-prong objectives of this study are to analyze the main themes and issues used to address this tactic of fear, the general perceptions that non-Moslems in Malaysia have of the concept of Islamic state as a symbol of fear and rhetorical strategies used to provoke this fear. The findings concluded that the National Front party (Barisan National, BN) used the fear factor effectively in its campaign. This situation is further enhanced by the strong control of BN over the Malaysian media in addition to the character of Chinese voters who generally prefer not to leave their current comfort zone and are afraid of an Islamic state.

The mainstream media’s election debacle

【媒体与大选文献回顾/Wong Kok Keong】It was rather cynical of the BN to rely on the lack of internet penetration to win votes in the hinterland. Even the mainstream media were in tacit agreement with the mentality. It was as though the BN was happy to win votes from Malaysians kept in the dark by being fed only their propaganda through the mainstream media. But that has been shown to work only up to a point.

Unfair Coverage: A look at the mainstream media’s bias in the 1999 general election

【媒体与大选文献回顾/Wong Kok Keong】The research examined three areas – news report, opinions (editorials, comments, columns) and letters to the editors – to determine how many items were focused or positive on the National Front (NF) and the Alternative Front (AF); negative on the NF and AF; balanced towards both; and non-party related (NPR). It examined the coverage of The New Straits Times, The Star and The Sun from 12 to 29 November 1999.

Propagandist for the BN

【媒体与大选文献回顾/Wong Kok Keong】 The main aim is to show how or to what extent the mainstream media were unfair and unbalanced. Points or arguments could be better made with data or evidence systematically gathered. Anecdotal evidence gleaned here and there might be telling but does not reliably yield an overall pattern or picture of a situation. The purpose of this study is to help provide stronger evidence for making arguments and, in turn, raise the level of discourse into a more rational, objective one.

Packaging the PM: The art and ideology of political advertising

【媒体与大选文献回顾/Mustafa Kamal Anuar】This article is an attempt to unpack the so-called ‘Pak Lah package’ of BN’s election campaign in the run-up to Malaysia’s eleventh general election in 2004. Much of the electoral campaign of the incumbent party revolved around the persona of the Prime Minister, which stands in stark contrast to Abdullah’s predecessor.

Pay-TV competition to heat up

[Kang Siew Li] Competition in the local pay-television (TV) market is set to heat up as Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) switches its focus on getting more people to subscribe to its HyppTV internet protocol (IP) pay-TV service.

New Muzzle for Malaysian Media?

[Baradan Kuppusamy] Kuala Lumpur. Despite a wave of reforms washing over the country, the Malaysian government-controlled media remains muzzled, mostly because ruling elites fear a free press will erode their iron grip on society.

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